Supply of mechanical accessories for engineering, marine, agricultural, and other general equipment Product

Dongsheng Hardware is a professional supplier and manufacturer of equipment and mechanical parts, providing product precision processing services.
Providing OEM customization services is our core business, and we can customize shapes, colors, and sizes according to your requirements.

OEM customization services
  • Material selection
  • Size
  • Design
  • Produce
  • Package
A one-stop solution for general equipment mechanical accessories

From the first encounter to the finished product, we support every step you take. We provide professional advice and technical support to develop and manufacture the products you need.

  • High quality and strong R&D capabilities: We focus on the quality of equipment and mechanical parts products, and are equipped with professional and experienced R&D personnel to help you complete development and manufacturing.
  • Flexible order operation: Small orders can also be operated flexibly. Please contact us for details, and our sales team will assist you in completing your order.
  • OEM customization service: We can produce products according to customer requirements. We also have professional technical personnel to coordinate with you. We welcome engineers and technicians to discuss product development issues such as material selection and product size with us.
  • Service: We are more concerned with on-time delivery and quality.
If you need samples, please contact our sales team
Suppliers of various equipment and mechanical parts, as well as product precision processing service providers, can provide customers with samples for quality testing. As long as you contact us by phone, email, or WeChat, our sales personnel will provide you with professional solutions as soon as possible.

We hope to become your reliable partner

About Dongsheng Hardware Machinery

Pinghu DongCheng hardware machinery manufacturing co., LTD., has the self-management import and export rights, specializing in the production of various types of special vehicle machinery parts, engineering machinery parts, body parts, and all kinds of hardware machinery spare parts, etc. "Based on innovation, focus on quality, sincere service, sincere cooperation and common development" is our unswerving faith, for the general customers to provide quality, safe and reliable products is our eternal pursuit.

  • Flexible operation for small orders and small batches.
  • The new product development cycle is short.
  • OEM: We can customize production according to your requirements.
  • Product precision processing: With a wide range of categories.
  • Convenient port logistics: It takes 1 hour to reach Shanghai Port and 2 hours to reach Ningbo Port.

Quality and Service

We care about quality control and delivery time during the production process of our products, and provide customers with high-quality services


In order to establish long-term cooperation with customers better, we have been searching for better methods for raw material and factory production cost management, hoping to give you a satisfactory price.

Free samples

We can provide customers with free samples for quality testing or any other commercial purposes. Please contact our sales personnel and we will provide you with a professional solution as soon as possible.

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